Thursday, April 23, 2020



Ethics is all about our moral principles, which allows us to differentiate between the right and wrong. As per my understanding, in the design industry, ethics involves the copyright system, whether one’s has copy or inspired himself to make a design by another work, but need to provide the attribution or give credit to the first creator to prevent plagiarism. Ethics allows the designer to cater for different ethnicity and religion in any works publicity or inventions. Information provided needs to be verified by trusted source to prevent misunderstanding and to respect the law of the country. Broader audience’s views should be taken into consideration since the impact may be different on each group; which is, the kids, old people, disabilities, gender stereotypes, rich and poor people and mostly how our environment would be affected.

Side works

 Side works for my brochure

I have created each element on different pages and then merge them to get the final illustration as shown on the last picture. 

Here is the two illustration for my second page, the small boy was design to show how the virus affect our body with the different symptoms, whereas the virus was used in 3 different size just to remind about the shape and the atmosphere of the COVID-19

Lastly, the details for the third page are as follows, each element is again designed separately and to show what is right and wrong.
Right: a thumb up

Wrong: a thumb down

Style guide (made in moris logo)

Style Guide  ( LOGO made in moris)